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Shyness in Society 

Shyness thrives on isolation and it makes you feel like you're the only one that feels this way. Because of this, it's not something people tend to openly talk about which in turn feeds into the isolation! My hope for Shyness in Society is for you to find connection through the honest words of others and to discover that shyness is an experience shared by many.


I hope you find value in the below contributions. And if you want to keep up to date each month with the newest editions to this list, sign up to Positively Shy as they are always featured there first. 

Natalie is the founder of Power Thoughts. She is a coach for children and parents to help young people become confident and resilient. She featured in October's Positively Shy. 

Click here to read Natalie's experience of shyness. 


Karen is a body confidence and self-compassion coach. She supports individuals in transforming how they feel about their body and physical health.


Karen featured in September's Positively Shy. Click here to read her experience of shyness. 

Nicole is a solo travel expert who has created an online community to support individuals to feel comfortable in taking trips and adventuring alone. She featured in August's Positively Shy. 

Click here to read Nicole's experience of shyness. 

Nicole Norway.jpg

Niobe is a writer living and working in Norfolk. She helps creative business owners show up online with engaging, SEO’d blog content and website copy and 1:1 marketing support.

Niobe featured in July's Positively Shy. Click here to read her experience of shyness. 

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