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The Shyness & Self-Esteem Series 

A 3-moduled, self-study series created by two psychotherapists to help you to understand your shyness through the lens of self-esteem. 

Hi! We're Laura and Carley, two qualified psychotherapists. We have both personally experienced feelings of shyness and have supported many clients who identify as shy within our therapy spaces. 

We will be sharing our knowledge, experiences and giving you an insight into the discussions we have in our therapy rooms. 

Anchor 1

This series is for you if:

  • You identify as someone who is shy and often wonders why that is.

You may be someone who compares themselves to others and wonder how they’re able to comfortably receive attention (both praise and criticism). You may feel self-critical and annoyed at yourself for caring about what other people think.

  • You want to start feeling more comfortable being seen and receiving attention.

There may be situations where you are having internal battles with yourself about whether or not to speak up and/or get involved. This could be in social settings or professional meetings. A part of you really wants to go for it, while the other part (usually the one that wins) is desperate to go unnoticed.

Course Content

"'s amazing to hear the same feelings as I've had being shared by other people...I haven't heard it described so exactly to what I went through for years..."

"I love the person-centred approach and the practical, personal examples. Thank you for making this"

Module 1 - Understanding your shyness

  • 30 minute psychoeducational video + reflective workbook activities.

  • To explore your unique experience of shyness and grow your self-compassion.

  • To understand what shyness is and why you experience it through a psychological and biological lens. 

  • To consider what authentically feels important to you and how you want to be.

Module 2 - Shyness, meet Self-Esteem

  • 40 minute psychoeducational video + reflective workbook activities. 

  • To be open and honest about how you see and value yourself currently.

  • To identify and understand your own cycle of shyness and self-esteem so that you can break away from it. 

  • To be brave and reflective on how past experiences may have shaped your self-understanding in order to move forward with a different perspective. 

Module 3 - Shyness in the Real World 

  • 1 hour psychoeducational video + strategic workbook activities. 

  • Uncover how you would feel if shyness wasn’t a limiting barrier to find who you authentically are. 

  •  Practice strategies to calm the shy response when it shows up so you can welcome new and wanted experiences.

  • Learn the power of self-talk and begin to shift how you communicate to yourself to grow your self-esteem. 

We're excited to be alongside you as you explore your shyness, grow your self-esteem and begin to feel more comfortable being who you really are. 

If you have anything you want to check or have some wonderings about the course, I'm just an email away

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