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Hello Teachers

How are you doing? 

As a past teacher I know that teaching can be overwhelming and you may have lost who you are outside of the classroom. You can feel like your identity and your understanding of who you are is described in one word: teacher. 

Having an open and honest space where you can share your experience with another can help you find who you are, both inside and outside of the classroom. 


You deserve to be heard.


Click here to find out how therapy can support you. 

My Teaching Story 

Before training as a psychotherapist, I worked as a primary school teacher for 5 years. I enjoyed teaching and because of this I still do supply teaching when I can. I know that the job-title of "teacher" is way more than just teaching. You wear so many different hats throughout the day, ensuring your pupils receive the greatest care. I witnessed how schools offer a very unique working environment and how the intensity of this can strain colleague relationships. It felt very easy to become lost in the busy-ness and I watched as too many of my colleagues became overwhelmed and mentally unwell. 

I felt a strong need to do something about this. I became my schools Well-Being Coordinator, where I worked to support the well-being of pupils and staff. However, as a full-time teacher, I felt limited on the impact I could have and therefore followed my passion and became a psychotherapist.


And here we are! Now I am able to fully support you as a teacher. You'd be receiving support from someone who understands the school environment, the educational lingo and your desire to care for the pupils you work with. 

Teacher therapy

How therapy can help...

  • Discover who you are underneath the role of teacher

  • Develop confidence and self-trust to address concerns and make changes 

  • Build and nourish personal and professional relationships with healthy boundaries 

  • Create a work-life balance that works on your terms 

  • Find enjoyment and fulfilment inside and outside the classroom

Let's work together!

I'm always happy to talk to teachers or anyone working in education. If you'd like my support, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.


Or use the contact form.

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