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1:1 Therapy

1:1 Therapy

How I work...

Person-centred therapy gives you the opportunity to be truly heard, acknowledged and valued. You will feel understood and be supported in an environment where you can develop and flourish. This type of therapy is client-led, which means you choose what you would (and wouldn't) like to talk about each week - I will never pressure you to share anything you don't want to. 

Therapy is a collaborative relationship and my part in that collaboration is to listen empathically, welcome and give space to all your experiencing and gently challenge you. I will bring my honesty and openness to each session as we work through what is important to you, together. We will discover how you want to move forward and live a fulfilling life. 

Most of the time we feel that to be accepted we need to behave, talk or even think a certain way. This can move us away from who we truly are, leaving us to feel anxious, stressed and fearful. Through person-centred therapy, I will support you to have a greater sense of self-worth, feel secure and live authentically.

I work with clients on a long-term, open-ended basis. It's important to enter therapy knowing that this is not a quick fix, this is an ongoing process that deserves time and patience. Clients stay in therapy for varying durations. Some use therapy to look at a specific goal, while others use therapy as part of their ongoing commitment to self-care. This is something that you are in control of. 

Who I work with...

I work with individuals over the age of 18. The clients I tend to work with often feel frustrated and self-critical towards themselves as they feel they are getting in the way of their life experiences. These life experiences could be relationships, travel, career development, hobbies etc. They want to express themselves while also feeling fearful of being seen and noticed. This fear holds them back and they feel like they frequently miss out.  

As a past teacher, I do have a particular interest in working with individuals who work in education. Please visit my "Supporting Teachers" page. 

You may know the reason you wish to begin therapy, or you may be unsure, or you're doubting whether it is something you should take up. All of these are equally valid and they are areas we can explore further together, to find what is meaningful to you. 

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How therapy can help...

  • Become aware of how past experiences have shaped your understanding of who you are

  • Discover your authentic way of being including your own wants and needs

  • Feel empowered to live truthfully and with openness

  • Build meaningful and nurturing relationships whilst developing healthy boundaries

  • Develop a comforting self-trust and feel secure in making decisions that feel fulfilling.

How therapy helps

Let's work together... 

I offer a free 30 minute video/phone introduction or an in-person introduction at Chestnut Cottage for £30. 

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