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Natalie is the founder of Power Thoughts. She is a coach for children and parents to help young people become confident and resilient. You can find her Instagram here and browse her website here.


I first met Natalie in 2019 when I got in touch to see if she could run her workshops at the school I was working at. The workshops were a huge success and every child left with empowering tools that I know are still used today.

Natalie's Experience...

"As a little girl, I was always that quiet, introverted one - the kind who'd rather stay quiet than speak up and risk embarrassment or saying something wrong. Looking back, this timid demeanour pretty much defined my school years. But things finally started to shift in my late 20s and early 30s.


It all started when I was in the process of becoming a fitness instructor. Deep down, I knew I had a lot to offer, but those nagging insecurities were like a roadblock holding me back from becoming the person I aspired to be.


I accidentally stumbled upon a game, a game that I would use (and still continue to use) whenever anxiety or overwhelm crept in. I called it the "Act as if” game. This little exercise helped me find my voice, step out of my comfort zone, and develop the confidence even when I felt like I had very little to give.


At that time, I was really inspired by one of my fitness instructors, Julie. Julie had this infectious energy about her, always exuding happiness, friendliness, and an outgoing nature. So, during those moments when I felt shaky and unsure about teaching a class, I decided to channel Julie's qualities. I would literally "act as if I were Julie," and it worked wonders in those wobbly moments.


It not only transformed how I presented myself but also added a sense of playfulness to the whole experience. I'd walk into classes asking myself, "How would Julie make her entrance?" or "What thoughts would she be thinking right now?" The exercise gradually helped me mould my own version of confidence.


Even today, I continue to use this technique when facing big challenges like presenting workshops, giving TV interviews, or delivering talks. I draw inspiration from different role models, and it can be a lot of fun too!


In the grand scheme of things, I've come to view my shyness as a gift. It was the driving force that led me to the work I do now, helping children learn to navigate their emotions, gain confidence, and believe in themselves. The dots didn’t quite make sense at the start, but now looking back I can see how they’ve led me to where I am today."

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