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Niobe is a writer living and working in Norfolk. She helps creative business owners show up online with engaging, SEO’d blog content and website copy and 1:1 marketing support. You can find her on Instagram here or visit her website here.

Niobe's Experience...

“Close friends and family would probably be surprised that I’d consider myself as ‘shy’, because around them, I’m confident and chatty. But it takes me a long while to get there, and I worry about how I’m coming across.


I don’t love the idea of talking to new people, so starting my business and needing to chat to clients has really pushed me out of my comfort zone. It’s growing my confidence, even if I still feel nervy about it!


Being shy in social contexts is certainly challenging at times, but it’s helped me too. Observing situations and dynamics before joining in helps me understand people more and consider what I want to say.


I’m particularly shy when it comes to talking about my opinions and feelings. Writing has helped with that - I find I can express myself far more easily on a page than in conversation, which is probably how I’ve ended up writing for a living!”


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