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I'm really excited to soon be able to offer...

Couples Therapy 

A quick introduction to Couples Therapy   

Couples Therapy offers a safe, empathic space to explore your relationship. I can support you as a couple to:

  • Identify your needs and successfully communicate them to each other

  • To explore patterns in your relationship that you would like to change

  • To offer strategies or methods in communicating empathically outside of the therapy space.

  • To grow your self-understanding and see how past experiences may be influencing the relationship

  • Process and resolve behaviours that have damaged the relationship


Couples therapy is often sought after as a 'last resort' but it doesn't need to just be for these instances. It can offer a regular space to prioritise your relationship and to ensure communication is developed - especially when we live in very busy worlds!

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I will be limiting this service to 3 couples at a time. Sign up to receive the first word when I start accepting clients for Couples Therapy.

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